What is coworking?A new way of working

A coworking space is a place that allows you to have a work style that involves a place to work in a shared way that works for you as an office, for your independent activities as a professional, entrepreneur or small entrepreneur. Click here for coworking space hong kong.

Unlike a typical office, those who work in a coworking space are usually not employees of the same company. Typically this is attractive to those who do not initially need a fixed office, or who are so far starting or needing the office or a job only for a few months and do not want to sign a one-year lease. Visit this site for used cars hong kong.

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A bit of history about the Coworking…

A young programmer known as Brad Neuberg, in 2005 in the city of San Francisco, began to think about what to do with his life, on the one hand he could have a job, that could give him a structure and a community to belong to, or he could be an independent worker with the freedom and independence that this meant, and then he said, why could not he have both?

This is how, at that time, young Brad created the word Coworking, and rented a space that was set up to start the movement. Today Brad is a Software Developer for Dropbox.

There are different types of Coworking spaces

A coworking space is not only about the space itself, but it is about the community that is generated in it. Its benefits can even be lived outside its enclosures.

Some Coworking spaces do not build a community and are only limited to being part of an existing one by combining your site with events that attract your type of target customer.

On the other hand, there are spaces for Coworking or shared work focused on the real estate business, these are those that focus on selling mainly jobs, and as a secondary goal they build a community.

Usually a Coworking space aims to have independent professionals or Freelancers in their jobs as they are also known, remote workers, small businesses that need a space and are interested in a community with a collaborative spirit.

What kind of services could a Coworking space offer you?

Clients of a shared work space regularly benefit from some services suitable for an independent or entrepreneurial professional, such as:

-Printing services

-Consulting services

-Accompaniment of entrepreneurs virtually

-Discounts in a network of allied services

-Meeting room hours for meetings

-Use of equipment such as projectors or televisions

-Most spaces will give you access to their facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

-Acess to activities only for members of the coworking community