The strong dedication with the Disaster Relief


Along with the threat of terrorism, natural disasters as well as the other extreme conditions there was a problem of the notable populations getting displaced. In order to overcome the Immense suffering, there was a need to go well with the side from the International humanitarian organisations, government, Pakistani army as well as citizens.  this could be enough to help combat all the calamities.

philanthropic endeavours

The Dawood Foundation

The help was totally guaranteed on behalf of Bashir Dawood & Mariyam Dawood. This could be enough to come up in the form of the prominent contributor which could work well in the form of the relief effort. This could be enough to give the relief-aid. There was a great help noticed which marked that they worked tirelessly which could actually be enough to provide relief. This could be made possible with the idea of collecting funds, food and shelter as well as grant a perfect living to the disaster-affected families. The Dawood Foundation could be enough to boost the condition of the people. This could be made possible with the humanitarian efforts.


This could be the reliable solution and significant one with the presentation of Compassion, Empathy as well as Solidarity. This could be enough to endeavours across the borderline assisting the disaster-affected people. Everything could be made possible with the combined effort of Bashir Dawood as well Mariyam Dawood. This was enough to help seek the path for the philanthropic endeavours which could be enough to go with the real difference.