Negotiating a Short-Term Rental Singapore

A short-term lease is Usually one with a length of approximately six months, but will normally cover any lease agreement that is shorter than twelve months. Cases where people would want to lease short term include those that are on a long term holiday and prefer to remain in an apartment or home rather than resort, companies renting for their expatriate workers, or people that are in the process selling and purchasing their homes. Generally, many Landlords do not prefer short-term leases. Besides not having the security of steady source of income that long-term leases supply, leasing for shorter terms translate to greater costs concerning tenant screening and the danger of getting more vacancy periods. Additionally, it costs higher in relation to the demands on their time because they will be showing the property and meeting with tenants more often.

short term rental singapore

This is why in short term rental singapore, landlords have more bargaining power and potential tenants will need to bargain harder or accept the tradeoffs such as a higher monthly rent, many constraints on deposit yield, and other extra fees. The expense of this to tenants is not necessarily fair, but if you are living term is not entirely flexible, you will need to learn how to make some concessions on a number of these terms. Thus, if you have no Specific place in your mind yet, hunt for communities or areas with a high vacancy rate so you will also have some bargaining power on your side, especially once you show that you are conscious of the high vacancy rate. To put things more into your favor, notify the landlord that you are prepared to rent at the moment and capable of paying two or three months ahead. This way, you may have the ability to negotiate for a lower monthly lease amount.

Another negotiating Tip would be to offer to lease a property as is. Renting as is means you will be caring for cleaning, take a non-working appliance, and other issues that the landlord will often take care of before renting out the space to new tenants. Do not forget to negotiate not only on lease but also to have the same amenities as the long-term tenants, even the basics like heating, water, and garbage disposal. Having a letter of Recommendation from the previous landlord, in addition to proof of being a high credit risk will also work in your favor.